A View of the Constitution of the United States of America


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William Rawle, a Northerner, a friend of Washington and Franklin, and an abolitionist, wrote a textbook on the US Constitution that recognized the right of secession. His textbook was used at the US Military Academy at West Point.

The Kennedy Twins provide abundant annotated notes and abstracts  from America’s Founding Fathers supporting Rawle’s view of the Constitituon.

“We recommend the treatise of Mr. Rawle as a SAFE and INTELLIGENT guide,” North American Review, 1826, Boston Massachusetts.

“Rawle himself a Federalist, but his studies in government had led him to the judgment that the Union was not irrevocable,” Elizabeth Kelley Bauer, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1790-1860




Editors’ Introduction

The following book, a View of the Constitution of the United States of America, 1829 edition by William Rawle, L.L.D., was first published in 1825, and it has been more than 190 years since it was last published. In editing and annotating Mr. Rawle’s book, we have endeavored to make his work understandable to those who are reading it in the early part of the 21st century,  In doing so, we have corrected those parts of his text which he had noted were incorrect, and on rare occasions, we have substituted words more in keeping with the modern usage. The changes have been made with an eye toward maintaining the meaning and spirit of his original work. It is our intention to protect the truth and integrity of his work.The following is an example of some of the words changed: tranquillity changed to tranquility, defence changed to defense, and colour changed to color.

To assist the read in the study of Rawle’s book, we have divided his text into 8 sections, with each section containing brief prefatory remarks about Rawle’s discussion. Also, we have added notes and references from the works of the authors debating the adoption of the Constitution as well as from works relating to the material being discussed. Our notes will be indicated by italicized text. On pages 1 through 292 editors’ notes appear in italics, Rawle’s in standard font. Editor’s annotation notes appear, in italics, at the bottom of the page. Rawle’s notes, in the text, appear at the end of each chapter.

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