A View of The Constitution (paperback)


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  • 258 pages
  • Modern Introduction to each Section
  • Original End-notes

A VIEW OF THE CONSTITUTION: SECESSION AS TAUGHT AT WEST POINT (by William Rawle, edited by the Kennedy Twins) – This treatise is one of the earliest works on the subject of the United States Constitution, and one of the most important. Rawle presents the view that states have a legal right to secede from the union. Cohen observes that the popularity of this text, which was used at West Point and other schools throughout the country, “is generally considered to have influenced the leaders and supporters of the Confederacy, although in fact Rawle opposed secession.”

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Of Political Constitutions in General, of the nature of Colonial Governments, and of the British
Colonies in North America
Ch.   I: The Constitution of the United States
Ch.  II: Of the Legislative Power
Ch. III: Of the Senate
Ch. IV: Of the House of Representatives
Ch.  V: Of the President's participation in the Legislative Power
Ch. VI: Of the manner of Exercising the Legislative Power
Ch. VII: Of the Treaty making Power
Ch. VIII: Of Laws Enacted by Congress
Ch.  IX: Of the enumerated Powers of Congress
Ch.  X: Of the restrictions on the Powers of Congress-and on the Executive and Judicial Authorities-Restrictions
on the Powers of the States and Security to the Rights of Individuals
Ch. XI: On the Executive Power
Ch. XII: Of the means provided for the Performance of the Executive Duties
Ch. XIII: Of the Appointment to Offices
Ch. XIV: Of the Liability of Executive Officers
Ch. XV: On Communications to be made by the President to the Congress
Ch. XVI: Of the Power to grant Pardons
Ch.XVII: Of Compensations to Public Officers
Ch.XVIII: Of Incompatible Offices
Ch. XIX: Of some arduous parts of the President's duties
Ch. XX: Of the Judicial Power
Ch. XXI: Of Impeachments
Ch.XXII: Of another Special Jurisdiction
Ch.XXIII: Of General Tribunals, and first of the Supreme Court
Ch.XXIV: Of Tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court
Ch. XXV: Removal from State Courts
Ch.XXVI: Of the places in which the jurisdiction is to be exercised
Ch.XXVII: Of the Appellate jurisdiction
Ch.XXVIII: Of the Rules of Decision
Ch. XXIX: Of checks and restraints on the judicial branch
Ch. XXX: Of checks and controls on other branches of the Government
Ch.XXXI: Of the Union
APPENDIX:  No.I, No. II, No. III, No. IV

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