An Eschatology of Victory


  • By Marcellus Kik
  • Paperback
  • 268 Pages
  • Loads of Bible References


Today especially, the most important question facing the civilized world is one of Dominion: Who and what shall reign—Christ and Christian principles or Satan and Communist principles?  The Communists insist that victory is inevitably theirs through a process of so-called evolution from Liberty to Communism, but is their claim true?  Are Christians doomed to defeat by the Communists, and is defeat prophesied in the Bible?  Though they can give little or no explanation, most Christians believe that defeat is indeed prophesied, leaving no hope for victory or even a reason to fight the Communists while advancing the principles of Liberty (freedom linked to Christian principles).

In An Eschatology of Victory, J. Marcellus Kik presents the best Bible study on future events (prophecy) that we have found so far.  If you alone, or as a preacher or Bible study leader, are willing to study this book, examine the scripture references, and apply your brain, you will find this book to be a most useful tool in the fight for Liberty and Christian Dominion over Communism.

As you learn, spread the word and links to this page through social media, organize Bible studies, and work to advance the Kingdom of Christ and His Dominion over every sphere of life and culture.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Historic Reformed Eschatology

Ch. 1. History of the Reformed Position

Ch. 2. All Nations Blessed

Ch. 3. Matthew Twenty-four

Ch. 4. Revelation Twenty

Section 2: Matthew Twenty-four

Ch. 1. The Time Text

Ch. 2. The Transition Text

Ch. 3. The Context

Ch. 4. The Question of the Disciples

Ch. 5. Misleading Signs of the End

Ch. 6. The Approximate and Real sign of the End

Ch. 7. Great Tribulation

Ch. 8. No Personal Coming During the Siege

Ch. 9. Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars

Ch. 10. Appearance of the Sign

Ch. 11. The Year of Jubilee

Ch. 12. The Parable of the Fig Tree

Ch. 13. That Day and Hour

Ch. 14. The Last Judgement

Section 3: Revelation Twenty

Ch. 1. The First Resurrection

Ch. 2. The Two Resurrections

Ch. 3. The Angel with the Chain

Ch. 4. Satan

Ch. 5. Bound a Thousand Years

Ch. 6. I Saw Thrones

Ch. 7. The Regeneration

Ch. 8. The Judging of the Saints

Ch. 9. The Reign of Martyrs

Ch. 10. The Dead and the Living

Ch. 11. Satan Is Loosed!

Ch. 12. The Siege and the Beloved City

Ch. 13. The Doom of the Devil

Ch. 14. The Great White Throne

Ch. 15. The Books Are Opened

Ch. 16. Death and Hades Vanquished



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