Be Ye Separate


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The Christian faith of America’s Founding Fathers is today under relentless attack.  Those Attacking our traditional Christian heritage compose a postmodern, secular humanist, neo-Marxist shadow government.  This evil shadow government controls too much of American society.  Beginning with the 1963 Supreme Court ruling prohibiting prayer and Bible reading in public schools.  Christian America has been increasingly slouching toward Gomarrah.  Who will stand in the gap and make-up the hedge?  Who has a plan to defeat those who are determined to debunk all that is holy and sacred?

Be Ye Separate is a call for the most churched people in America – Christians living in the Bible-Belt – to take the initiative in the fight to reclaim America’s traditional moral, social and political values.  To recreate a nation that will once again truly be a “nation under God” and a nation that lives up to its ancient motto “In God We Trust.”


James Ronald (Ron) Kennedy was born and reared in Mississippi.  He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisiana, Monroe, Louisiana, a Master’s degree in Health Administration from Tulane University, New Orleans and a Master’s of Jurisprudence in Health Law (MJ) from Loyola University Chicago.

He is the co-author with his twin brother of the bestselling book The South Was Right! Which sold over 135,000 copies.  Their latest books include Punished With Poverty-the-Suffering South.  Together they have authored over 16 books.

Ron is an active member of his local, conservative, Methodist church.  He has been interviewed on numerous local, state, and national radio and TV programs.  He is a frequent speaker at Southern Heritage organizations and other pro-Christian, pro-Liberty organizations.





Ch 1:   America’s Satanic Shadow Government
Ch 2:   When Government Expels God
Ch 3:   Christians Under Attack – America and Worldwide
Ch 4:   Be Ye Separate – God’s Command for Moral People
Ch 5:   Is America still a nation “under God?”
Ch 6:   Satan’s Unholy Trinity – Secular Humanism, Postmodernism, and Neo-Marxism
Ch 7:   Sovereign States the Key to Separating from Political Evil
Ch 8:   The Inherent Evil of Government – God’s Warning
Ch 9:   Freedom – America’s Founding Fathers’ Legacy
Ch 10: Reclaiming American Liberty
Ch 11: The Action Plan – A Strategic Plan for a Fundamental Change

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