Black Confederates


  • Paperback
  • Numerous Photos
  • 189 Pages, Extensive Source Page and Index
  • Lists of CSA Negro Pension Applicants

Neither Confederate history nor black studies can afford to ignore the efforts of black Americans on the side of the Confederacy, as this seemingly contradictory behavior reveals and underscores the terrible complexity of the War Between the States. This volume contains correspondence, military records, narrative reminiscences, newspaper accounts, and more from these brave men who served what they considered their country.

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Details and Table of Contents

Prologue: Black Southerners in Gray?
Black Loyalty Under the Confederacy
Selected Correspondence
The Black Confederates
Confederate Military Records
A Tribute to Loyal Confederates
Memorials, Markers, & Tributes
Aged Body Servants Among the Last Survivors of the Confederate Army
Newspaper Accounts
The Forgotten Confederates
Obituaries & Biographical Sketches
South Carolina's Black Confederates
Confederate Pension Applications, U.C.V Camp Records, & Reunions
Veterans' Reminiscences & Narratives
Epilogue: Facing the Reality of Southern History
Sources for the Study of Black Confederates

"One of the lost chapters of Civil War history has been the passive and even active support that many Southern blacks, free and slave, gave to the Confederacy. Black Confederates illuminates the overlooked facet of this seemingly contradictory behavior by a group of African-Americans who appear to have thought of themselves as Southerners first and black seconds." - William C. Davis, author of "A Government of Their Own" : The Making of the Confederacy

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