Carolina Love Letters


  • Paperback
  • 73 Pages
  • Extensive Bibliography

In this charming little volume, Karen Stokes has collected beautiful and moving documents that display the interior life of Southerners of the 19th century. These letters portray deep and long-lasting love between husbands and wivesand much else about the life of the time. They reflect the hearts and minds of a very admirable people of the antebellum and Confederate South.



Ch. 1 Dearest Jeanie - The Letters of R.K. Porter

Ch. 2 Love Letters of Benjamin F. Perry

Ch. 3 The Love Story of William and Nannie DuBose

Ch. 4 The War Bride- Decca Singleton and Aleck Haskell

Ch. 5 Eternal Devotion- Frank Frost and Rebecca Pringle


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