Confederate Myth-Buster Book


  • Available as paperback and hardback
  • 235 pages with Bibliography
  • If available, you’ll receive an autographed copy

The Confederate Myth-Buster – Here in one book are the winning answers and rebuttals fielded by the author and his brother to the typical questions, misconceptions and propaganda of reporters, talk show hosts and their left-wing guests since 1993.  This book will help you lead good people to the truth and win every debate with the ignorant and deceived.



Part I.
Chapter 1. Secession
Chapter 2. Constitution
Chapter 3. Slavery
Chapter 4. Racism
Chapter 5. History
Chapter 6. Lincoln vs. Davis
Chapter 7. 100 Years of Failure
Chapter 8. The Shield and Sword of Liberty
Chapter 9. Consequences of Conquest

Part II.
Pictures Worth a Thousand Words
Great Men of the US and CS
Northern Defenders of the Constitution
What Price Union

Part III.
The Myth Lives On
Christians March with Marx
Paddling One's Own Canoe While Reflecting on Katrina
Ron Paul is Too Radical
Wall Street Journal's Confederate Animus



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