Crimes of the Educators


  • By Samuel Blumenfeld & Alex Newman
  • 321 pages
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Table of Contents:

Ch. 1. Treason: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of a Nation
Ch. 2. How John Dewey Created a House of Lies
Ch. 3. Portrait of a Failed System
Ch. 4. How Dumbed Down Are We?
Ch. 5. Child Abuse: Turning Normal Children Into Dyslexics
Ch. 6. Sight Vocabulary: The Poison of Primary Education
Ch. 7. How Do Children Learn a Sight Vocabulary? Any Way They Can!
Ch. 8. Right Brain vs. Left Brain: How to Avoid Dyslexia
Ch. 9.Edward Miller Proved the Sight Method Causes Dyslexia
Ch. 10.The Victims of Educational Malpractice
Ch. 11. The Reading Conspiracy Marches On
Ch. 12. The Politics of the Whole Language Method
Ch. 13. California’s Literacy Disaster: When Utopians Rule, The Children Suffer
Ch. 14. Cooperative Learning: Communists Ideology in the Classroom
Ch. 15.The Great American Math Disaster
Ch. 16. Drug Pushing: The “Cure” For ADD and ADHD
Ch. 17. Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors
Ch. 18. Destroying a Child’s Religious Beliefs: A Spiritual Crime
Ch. 19. The Unsettling Phenomenon of Teen Suicide
Ch. 20. The Making of the Black Underclass
Ch. 21. The Role Behavior Psychology in the Dewey Plan
Ch. 22. Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right from Wrong
Ch. 23. Big Brother’s Data-Collection System and the Road to Totalitarianism
Ch. 24. When Utopians are in Power, Expect Tyranny
Ch. 25. Multiculturalism: The New Culture Genocide
Ch. 26. Common Core: Consumer Extortion on Steroids
Ch. 27. Common Core Standards: An Educational Fraud
Ch. 28. Rebellion against “Obamacore” Makes Strange Bedfellows
Ch. 29. The Future of Education: Freedom or Global Enslavement?
Ch. 30. The Future of Education: Hope Remains

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