Vol. II For the Love of Country – The Fringe of War


For the Love of Country is a collection of stories of individuals who exhibited a love of freedom by performing selfless acts of patriotism throughout American history. They are found at all ages, and throughout every background. Listen with us as we bring some of these American patriots and their stories into your classroom and home. Adults and children will find these stories compelling and fascinating as they learn about true history on the morning commute.


Stories on this CD:

Paul Revere, Herald of the Revolution captures the adventures of this famous patriot in his efforts for American independence. Recall Revere's role in the Boston Tea Party, his courageous nighttime ride, and the "shot heard 'round the world" on the Lexington Green at the onset of the Revolutionary War.

Joseph Warren, The Martyr of Bunker Hill is one man's story of this magnificent battle of the American Revolutionary War, Warren, a 33-year old surgeon and respected political leader of the Revolution, although a Major General in the Continental Army, chose to fight in the trenches during the battle found on Breed's Hill.


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