Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House


  • Hardback
  • Vibrant picutures
  • Autographed copies (while supplies last)

“When First Lady Varina Davis saw a five-year-old Jim Limber being beaten in the street by his guardian, she intervened.  When it became clear that the man would not cease his whipping, she decided then and there to put an end to Jim’s suffering–she took him home with her!
Jefferson Davis registered Jim as a free black child and became Jim’s legal guardian.”  Rickey Pittman


After the fall of Richmond President Davis was arrested, his family placed on house arrest and his ward Jim taken by Yankee troops...and put on display like a trophy.

"Once Jefferson Davis was released from prison, he wrote to people he knew in the North and sent letters to newspapers asking for Jim's whereabouts, but the boy had disappeared.  They never found the orphan they had cared for and loved so dearly."

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