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Ch.  1. A Brief Historical Retrospect

Ch. 2. The Nature of the American Compact

Ch.  3. From the Foundation of the Federal Government down to 1880, both the North and the South held the Constitution to be a Compact between the States.

Ch. 4. Was Secession Treason?

Ch. 5. Another Brief Historical Retrospect

Ch. 6. The Question of Slavery a it affected Secession

Ch. 7. The Formation of the  Confederate Government and the Resignation of Officers of the Federal Army and Navy

Ch. 8. Author proceeds to Montgomery and reports to the New Government, and is dispatched northward on a Special Mission.

Ch. 9. The Commissioning of the Sumter, the First Confederate States Ship of War

Ch.  10. The Preparation of the Sumter for Sea - She drops down between the Forts Jackson and St. Philip - Receives her Sailing Orders - List of her Officers.

Ch. 11. After long Waiting and Watching, the Sumter runs the Blockade of the Mississippi, in open Daylight, pursued by the Brooklyn.

Ch.  12. Brief Sketch of the Officers of the Sumter - Her First Prize, with other Prizes in Quick Succession

Ch. 13. Rapid Work - Seven Prizes in Two Days - The Sumter makes her First Port, and what occurred there

Ch.  14. The Sumter on the Wing again - She is put wholly under Sail for the first time - Reaches the Island of Curacoa and is only able to enter after a Diplomatic Fight

Ch. 15. The Sumter at Curacoa - Her surroundings - Preparation for Sea - Her Captain solicited to become a Warwick - Her Departure - The Capture of other Prizes - Puerto Cabello, and what occurred there

Ch. 16. Steaming along the Coast of Venezuela - the Coral Insect and the Wonders of the Deep - The Andes and the Rainy Season - the Sumter enters the Port of Spain in the British Island of Trinidad

Ch. 17. On the way to Maranham - The Weather and the Winds - The Sumter runs short of coal, and is obliged to "bear up" - Cayenne and Paramaribo, in French and Dutch Guiana - Sails again, and arrives in Maranham in Brazil.

Ch. 18. The Sumter at Maranham - More diplomacy necessary - The Hotel Porto and its Proprietor - a week on shore - ship coals and sails gain

Ch. 19. The Sumter at Martinique - Proceeds from Fort de France in St. Pierre - Is an object of much curiosity with the islanders - News of the arrest of Messrs. Mason and Slidell on board the British Mail Steamer, the Trent - Mr. Seward's extraordinary Course on the Occasion

Ch. 20. Arrival at St. Pierre of the Enemy's Steam-sloop Iroquois - How she violates the Neautrality of the Port - Arrival of the French Steamer of War Acheron - The Iroquois blockades the Sumter - Correspondence with the Governor - Escape of the Sumter

Ch.  21. The Sumter pursues her Voyage across the Atlantic - Capture and Burning of the Arcade, Vigilant, and Ebenezer Dodge - a Leaky Ship and a gale - An Alarm of Fire!

Ch. 22. Voyage across the Atlantic pursued - Christmas-day on board the Sumter - Cape Fly-away and the Curious Illusion produced  by it - The Sumter passes from the Desert Parts of the Sea into a Tract of Commerce once more - Boards a large Fleet of Ships in one Day, but finds no Enemy among them - Arrival at Cadiz

Ch. 23. Annoyance of the Spanish Officials - Short Correspondence with the U.S. Consul - The Telegraph put in Operation by the Officials between Vadiz and Madrid - the Sumter is ordered to leave in twenty-four hours - Declines Obedience to the Order - Prisoners land, and Ship Docked after much ado - Deserters - Sumter leaves Cadiz

Ch. 24. The Sumter off Cadiz - The Pillars of Hercules - Gibraltar - Capture of the Enemy's Ships Neapolitan and Investigator - A Conflagration between Europe and Africa - The Sumter anchors in the Harbor of Gibraltar; the Rock; the Town: the Military; the Review, and the Alameda

Ch. 25. The Sumter still at Gibraltar - Ship crowded with Visitors - A Ride over the Rock with Colonel Freemantle - The Galleries and other Subterranean Wonders - A Dizzy Height and the Queen of Spain's Chair - The Monkeys and the Neutral Ground

Ch. 26. The Sumter in Trouble - Finds it impossible to coal, by reason of a Combination against her, headed by the Federal Consul - Applies to the British Government for Coal, but is refused - Sends her paymaster and Ex-consul Tuntstall to Cadiz - They are arrested and imprisoned in Tangler - Correspondence on the Subject - The Sumter laid up and sold

Ch. 27. Author leaves Gibraltar and arrives in London - Mr. Commissioner Mason - Confederate Naval News - Short Sojourn in London - Author embarks on board the Steamer Melita for Nassau - Receives new Orders from the Navy Department - Returns to Liverpool

Ch. 28. A Brief Resume of the History of the War, from the date of the commissioning the Sumter, to the commissioning of the Alabama - Secretary Mallory and the difficulties by which he was surrounded - the Reorganization of the Confederate States Navy

Ch. 29. The Legality of the Equipment of the Alabama, and a few Precedents for her career, drawn from the History of the Way of 1776.

Ch. 30. The Equipment of the Alabama illustrated by that of Sundry Colonial Cruisers during the war of 1776 - Benjamin Franklin and Silas Deane sent to Paris as Chiefs of a naval Bureau - The Surprises and the Revenge - Captains Wickes and Conyngham, and Commodore John Paul Jones.

Ch. 31. Author leaves Liverpool to join the Alabama - Arrives at Terceira - Description of the Alabama - Preparing her for sea - The Portuguese Authorities - The commissioning of the Ship - A Picture of her Birth and Death - Captain Bullock returns to England - The Alabama on the High Seas

Ch. 32. The Alabama a Ship of War, and not a Privateer - Sketch of the Personnel of the Ship - Putting the Ship in Order for Service - Sail and Steam - the Character of the Sailor - the First Blow in struck at the Whale fishery - the Habitat and Habits of the Whale - Capture of the Ocmulgee.

Ch. 33. Capture of the Starlight; Ocean Rover; Alert; Alert; Weather Gauge - A Chase by Moonlight - Capture of the Altamaha; Virginia; Elisha Dunbar - A Rough Sea, Toiling Boats, and a Picturesque Conflagration in a Gale

Ch. 34. The Yankee Colony of the Island of Flores - What the Captains of the Virginia and Elisha Dunbar said of the Alabama when they got back among their Countrymen - The Whaling Season at the Azores at an End - The Alabama changes her Cruising Ground - What she saw and what she did

Ch. 35. Capricious Weather of the Gulf Stream - Capture of the Packet-Ship Tonawanda; of the Manchester and Lafayette - A Cyclone, the Alabama's First Gale - How she behaved

Ch. 36. The Physiognomy of Ships - Capture of the Lafayette - Decree of the Admiralty Court on board the Alabama in her Case, and in that of the Lauretta - The Criticisms of the New York Press  - Further Evidence of the Rotary Nature of the Winda - The Lauretta captured - the Crenshaw captured - the New York Chamber of Commerce cries aloud in Pain - Capture of the Baron de Castine, and of the Levi Starbuck - Capture of the T. B. Wales - Lady Prisoners.

Ch. 37. The Calm-Belts and the Trade-Winds - The Arrival of the Alabama at the Island of Martinique - The Curiosity of the Islanders to see the Ship - A Quasi Mutiny among the Crew and how it was quelled

Ch. 38. The Alabama at Martinque - Is blockaded by the Enemy's Steamer San Jacinto - How she escaped the Old Wagon - The Island of Blanquilla, the Alabama's new Rendezvous - Coaling Ship - A Yankee Skipper and his Alarm - How the officers and Men amused themselves at this Island - The Alabama Sails again - Capture of the Parker Cookie, Union and Steamer Ariel

Ch. 39. The Alabama is disabled by an Accident and stops to repair her machinery - Proceeds to hew New Rendezvous at the Arcas Islands, and thence to Galveston - Engagement with the United States Steamer Hatteras, which she sinks.

Ch. 40. The Alabama proceeds to Jamaica, where she lands he Prisoners and refits - Her Commander visits the Country - Intercourse with the English Naval Officers - Earl Russell's Letter - Preparations for Sea - A Boat Race by Moonlight, in winch Strange Tactics are practiced - Captain Blake of the Hatteras complains of "Dixie" being played by the English Bands - How the Matter is settled.

Ch. 41. Departure from Jamaica - Capture of the Golden Rule - Coasting the Island of Hayti - Capture of the Castelaine - The Old City of St. Domingo and its Reminiscences - The Dominican Convent and the Palace of Diego Columbus - Capture of the Palmetto, the Olive Jane, and the Golden Eagle - How the Roads are blazed out upon the Sea - Captain Maury

Ch.  42. The Crossing of the 80th Parallel - The Toll-Gate upon the Sea - How the Travelers pass along the Highway - Capture of the Washington; John A. Parks; The Bethia Taylor; the Punjaub; the Morning Star; The Kingfisher; the Charles Hill and the Nora - Alabama crosses the Equator - Capture of the Louisa Hatch - Arrival at Fernando de Noronha

Ch. 43. Fernando de Noronha - Its Famous Peak - Is a Penal Settlement of Brazil - A visit from the Governor's Ambassadors - A visit to the Governor in return - the Aristocracy of the Island - Capture of the Lafayette and Kate Cory - Burning of these two ships wit the Louisia hatch - Prisoners sent to Pernambuco - The Cloud Ring and the raining and dry seasons

Ch. 44. The Alabama leaves Fernando de Noronha for a Cruise on the Coast of Brazil - Enters the great highway, and begins to overhaul the travelers - Capture of the Whalers Nye; Dorcas Prince; Union Jack; Sea Lark - A reverend consul taken prisoner - Alabama goes into Bahia - What occurred there - Arrival of the Georgia - Alabama proceeds to sea again - Capture of the Gildersleeve; the Justins; the Jabez Snow; the Amazonian; and the Talisman

Ch.  45. The Alabama continues her cruise on the Coast of Brazil - American ships under English Colors - The enemy's carrying-trade in neutral bottoms - the capture of the Conrad - She is commissioned as a Confederate States Cruiser - the Highways of the seas, and the Tactics of the Federal Secretary of the Navy - the Phenomenon of the Winds in the Southern Hemisphere - Arrival at Saldanha Bay, on the Coast of Africa

Ch.  46. The connecting thread of the History of the War taken up - A brief Review of the events of the last twelve months, during which the Alabama has been commissioned the Alabama arrives at Cape Town - Capture of the Sea-Bride - Excitement thereupon - Correspondence between the U.S. Consul and the Governor on the subject of the capture.

Ch. 47. A Gale at Cape Town - The Alabama gets under way for Simon's Town - Capture of the Martha Wenzell - The Tuscaloosa - Her status as a ship of war considered - She proceeds to sea - The Alabama follows her - They with the Sea-Bride rendezvous at Angra Pequena

Ch. 48. The Alabama on the Indian Ocean - The passengers questioned and contracted with - the Agulhas Current - The brave West Winds - A Theory - The islands of St. Peter and St. Paul - The Tropic of Capricorn - The Southeast trade-winds, and the Monsoons - The Alabama arrives off the Straight of Sunda - Capture of the Amanda - Runs in anchors under the Coast of Sumatra

Ch. 49. The Alabama passes through the Straight of Sunda, seeing nothing of the Wyoming - Burns the Winged Racer just inside of the Straight - The Malay Boatmen and their alarm - Alabama makes for the Gaspar Straight and burns the contest, after an exciting chase - She passes through the Carimata Passage - discharges her prisoners into an English ship- Miniature Sea-Serpents- The Currents - Island of Pulo Condone - Arrives at Singapore

Ch. 50. The Alabama at Singapore - Panic among the Enemy's shipping in the China Seas - The Multitude flock to see the Alabama - Curious rumor concerning a portion of her crew - the author rides to the country and spends a night - the Chinese in possession of the business of Singapore - Alabama leaves Singapore - Capture of the Martaban, alias Texan Star - Alabama touches at Malacca - Capture of the Highlander, and Sonora - Alabama once more in the Indian Ocean

Ch. 51. The Alabama crosses the Bay of Bengal - The Pilgrims to Mecca and how they received her boarding-officer - The burning of the Emma Jane - The Town of Anjenga, and the Hindoos - The Great Deserts of Central Asia, and the Cotton Crop of Hindoston - The Alabama crosses the Arabian and its Arab Population - The Alabama passes through the Mozambique Channel - Arrives at the Cape of Good Hope

Ch. 52. The Alabama again in Cape Town - The Seizure of the Tuscaloosa and the Discussion which grew out of it - Correspondence between the author and Admiral Walker - Action of the Home Government and Release of the Tuscaloosa

Ch. 53. The Alabama at the Cape of Good Hope - Leaves on her Return to Europe - Capture of t he Rockingham, and of the Tycoon - She crosses the Equator into the Northern Hemisphere, and arrives at Cherbourg on the 11th of June, 1864 - The Engagement between the Alabama and the Kearsarge

Ch. 54. Other Incidents of the Battle between the Alabama of the Kearsarge - The Rescue of a Portion of the Crew of the Alabama by the English steam-yacht Deerhound - The United States Government demands that they be given up - the British Government refuses compliance - The rescued persons not prisoners - the inconsistency of the Federal secretary of the Navy

Ch.  55. The Federal Government and the English steam-yacht Deerhound - Mr. Seward's despatch - Mc. Lancaster's letter to the "Daily News" against Mr. Lancaster - Presentation of a sword to the author by the Clubs of England; of a flag by a lady

Chapter 56 Author makes a short visit to the Continent -  Returns to London and embarks on is Return to the Confederate States - Lands at Bagdad near the Mouth of the Rio Grande - Journey through Texas - Reaches Louisiana; crosses the Mississippi and reaches his home after an absence of four years

Ch. 57. Author sets out for Richmond - Is two weeks in making the journey - Interview with President Davis; with General Lee - Author is appointed a rear0admiral and ordered to command to James Ricer Squadron - Assumes Command - Condition of the fleet - Great Demoralization - The enemy's armies gradually increasing in numbers - Lee's lines broken.

Ch. 58. The Evacuation of Richmond by the army - the destruction of the James River Fleet - The sailors of the fleet converted into soldiers - Their helpless condition without any means of transportation - the conflagration of Richmond and the entry of the enemy into the Confederate capital - The author improvises a railroad train, and escapes in it, with his command to Danville, Va

Ch. 59. Interview with President Davis and Secretary Mallory - Author's Command organized as a brigade of Artillery - The bridgade marches to Greensboro, N.C. - Capitulation between General Joseph E Johnson and General Sherman - Dispersion of Johnston's Command in consequence - Author returns home, and is arrested - conclusion.



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