Nullify Gun Control


American Neo-Marxists who control the political and social establishment understand that well-armed Americans will not tolerate their leftist tyranny. They understand that before they can force average Americans to accept their perverted social and political vision, they must first disarm us!

America’s Founding Fathers understood the value of arms in the hands of free men. They knew that the first step a tyrant must take to turn free men into political slaves is to disarm them. They secured the right to keep and bear arms by enacting the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was not enacted to allow country boys to go squirrel hunting! It was enacted to allow free men to defend themselves against tyrants.

Unfortunately, too many gun-rights activist do not understand that no part of the Constitution, including the Second Amendment, is self-enforcing. Without a strong political mechanism to enforce the limitations on federal powers inscribed in the Constitution, the Constitution become a mere paper barricade.

Nullifying Federal and State Gun Control: A How-To Guide for Gun Owners provides gun-rights advocates with a means to protect your rights under the Constitution. This book demonstrates the only way “We the people” can enforce our rights and liberties under the Constitution.



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Freedom Requires Guns In The Hands of Law-Abiding Citizens

Chapter 2: Deep State Politicians Are Making War On The Second Amendment

Chapter 3: Neo-Marxist Violence Against Conservative Americans

Chapter 4: How We Can Defeat Federal and State Gun Control Efforts

Chapter 5: Tyrants Will Not Allow Their Subjects to Keep And Bear Arms

Chapter 6: Securing 2nd Amendment Rights via Nullification & Secession

Chapter 7: Making an End-Run Around the Political Establishment

Chapter 8: Hanging the Political Elites on the Horns of a Dilemma

Chapter 9: Irregular Political Warfare

Chapter 10: Why We Need The Sovereign State Amendment

Chapter 11: Red County American-Values Sanctuary Counties

Chapter 12: Our Sovereign State Constitutional Amendment

Chapter 13: Summary—Time to Turn Our Words into Action

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