Nullifying Tyranny (paperback)


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NULLIFYING TYRANNY – Nullifying Tyranny is a call to action that cogently asserts James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy’s conservative beliefs and takes aim at the ever-expanding U.S. government, holding it accountable for the corruption of American society, which they believe is under the control of an anti-Christian secular humanist element.
Nullification is the ability of a state to withdraw consent to be ruled by the federal government, in relation to a specific conflict, without destroying the government. Scroll below to read more…





Section I  Godly Separation from Evil
Ch. 1: Be Ye Separate-God’s Command for Moral People
Ch. 2: America the Sinful
Ch. 3: The Inherent Evil of Government-God’s Warning

Section II  God’s Principles of Limited Government
Ch. 4: Self-Ownership–First Principle of Human Liberty
Ch. 5: What Constitutes a Legitimate Government?
Ch. 6: The Inherently Oppressive Nature of Government
Ch. 7: Minimal Government-The Least Oppressive Form of Government
Ch. 8: Tax Consumers Versus Tax Payers
Ch. 9: Dictators in a Democracy
Ch.10: Creating Wealth That Benefits Everyone
Ch.11: Statesmen or Politicians?
Ch.12: Our Money or the Government’s Money
Ch.13: Legitimate Government

Section III  Godly Republic Lost-Godly Republic Regained
Ch.14: Politicians-America’s Greatest Threat to Individual Liberty
Ch.15: Freedom-America’s Founding Father’s Legacy
Ch.16: Original Intentions for a More Perfect Union
Ch.17: The Struggle to Prevent Big Government (1789-1860)
Ch.18: Red States versus Blue States-America’s Great Divide
Ch.19: Sovereign States: The Prerequisite for Creating Moral Communities
Ch.20: God and Gideon–Can We Do It?

Section IV  Addenda
Addendum I   Katrina: Death by Government
Addendum II  Dixie’s Unwelcome Presence in Rosie O’donnell’s America
Addendum III  Consent of the Governed-Key to Liberty
Addendum IV  Boom-Bust Economics


Twenty challenging chapters scrutinize such relevant topics as self-ownership, defined as the highest form of property rights, citing the insightful philosophies of John C. Calhoun. Debate-inspiring discussions accuse the enormous government of overstepping boundaries by taking away private property from productive citizens through taxation. The authors compare this violation of property rights to a gradual form of enslavement, which will eventually lead to an impoverished society.

Addenda include articles previously published by the authors, such as “Consent of the Governed—Key to Liberty,” which calls for moral communities to withdraw from a government that has clearly abused its entrusted power. Footnotes offer additional explanation to the arguments while graphs provide support in the form of a visual and comprehensible context.

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