Property Rights


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  • by Arthur R. Thompson


One of the principles on which our country was founded was the principle of property rights.

John Adams, our second president stated: “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, anarchy and tyranny commence.”

And this is what is happening in America because our people do not understand what property rights are – as as result, much of what we see in the deterioration of Americanism today is due to this ignorance.



I. Property Rights According to Our Founders

II. The Forces Behind the Elimination of Property Rights

III. Win the Battle of Democracy?

IV. The Triumph of the Will

V. Foreign Entanglements

VI. The Growth of Government as Measured by Public Property

VII. “What You Think” is Also Your Property

VIII. Politics as Usual

IX. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

X. Return to the Fundamentals

XI. What Do We Do About It?


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