Red State Red County Secession


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The 2020 presidential election demonstrates that conservative Americans are the subjects of America’s neo-Marxist shadow government. Blue State America is dominated by neo-Marxists who are determined to destroy all traditional, conservative, values—they are at war with Christian, Western civilization. Business-as-usual politics has made us slaves to America’s Blue State neo-Marxist government. Business-as-usual politics will not save us! Red State-Red County Secession describes how to unseat the neo-Marxist shadow government. It describes how to establish Provisional governments in Red States, how to conduct irregular political warfare to force weak politicians to advance our cause of constitutional liberty. It urges an unconventional approach that will allow American-values voters to hang our neo-Marxist enemies on the horns of a dilemma—they submit to the states our constitutional amendment acknowledging the states’ rights of nullification and secession or else, they will face a nationwide secession movement in America’s Red States and Red Counties. Fifty pages of conservative, revolutionary dynamite! The aim is not to fix the political system—the aim is to replace it with a constitutionally limited federal government. A constitutional government in which the limitations of the constitution is enforced by real States’ Rights inclusive of the rights of nullification and secession.

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I. Red State – Red County Session

II. Secession – Reclaiming Local Self-Government

III. Secession in Contemporary America

IV. Stateless People are Slaves to the Political Establishment

V. Our Sovereign State Constitutional Amendment

VI. Irregular Political Warfare

VII. Provisional State Governments

VIII. Conducting Irregular Political Warfare in State Legislatures

IX. The Bully Pulpit – What Is It?

X. The Bully Pulpit – Why Do We Need It?

XI. Who Do We Trust to Fill the Bully Pulpit?

XII. The Sovereign State Amendment

XII. This Is A Strategic Plan For Victory

XIV. You Are Key to Initiating This Revolution

XV. It Is Not An Election – It Is A Revolution

XVI. Red County American-Values Sanctuary Counties

XVII. Red County Secession from Blue States

XVIII. Secession as a Bargaining Tool

XIV. Secession as the Final Resort

XV. Our Sovereign State Constitutional Amendment

XVI. About the Author

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