Sacred Conviction


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  • 40 Pages
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Historians have long understood that conflicts over slavery, Constitutional interpretation, economic interests, and culture contributed to the coming of the War Between the States. Joseph Jay’s original an insightful study illuminates yet another important difference that fueled conflict between the North and South– theology. It has been more than once observed that Southern clergy were among the strongest advocates of Southern Independence. Jay shows why that was so. He explains how Southerners based their faith on Biblical authority and regarded the “Higher Law,” Unitarianism, and crusading political religion of their Northern counterparts as a threat to Christianity.




Ch. 1 All [Northern] Ground is Sinking Sand

a. Theological Liberalism in the North

b. Theological Conservatism in the South

c.The Northern Social Crusade

Ch. 2 Slavery in the Christian South

a. The Middle Passage

b. Racism and the Perpetuation of Slavery

c. Plantation Life

d. Cotton Field Meets Mission Field

e. The Slave as Human

Ch. 3 A Higher Law

a. Northern Religion and the Protectionist Tariff

b. Slavery Debated




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