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Imagine an America where 1,000,000 people have read The South Was Right! I am convinced of the following results:

  • Many people will read other pro-South titles. Some will even discover the principles of Liberty expressed by the Founding Fathers of the United States and Confederate States of America. Americans desperately need to rediscover and vigorously assert the principles of Liberty under genuine constitutional government.
  • Many people will join pro-South and pro-Liberty organizations to put their new knowledge to work.
  • The Southern Victory Campaign ( will be more likely to succeed.
  • Politicians and people of influence will learn to respect our heritage and principles.
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Because 150,000 copies of the second edition of The South Was Right are already on the streets, these are the stages of our current “March to a Million” campaign:

  • 2021 Objective: 100,000 new sales, bringing us the 25% level.
  • 2022 Objective: 125,000 new sales, bringing us to the 37.5% level.
  • 2023 Objective: 125,000 new sales, bringing us to the 50% level, garnering enough respect for our Cause that we start winning battles through the Southern Victory Campaign, and putting enough money in the hands of the promoters to launch a huge final marketing push!
  • 2024 Objective: 250,000 new sales, bringing us to the 75% level.
  • 2025 Objective: 250,000 new sales, bringing us to the 100% level, when we can throw the biggest pro-Confederate rally the world has ever seen!

With God’s help and yours, these goals are attainable. We’re using radio advertising, video promotions, social and print media, bumper stickers, and t-shirts to advance the crusade towards victory.
Please help by participating in one or more of these simple, yet effective activities:

  • Order and continue ordering books for your intelligent, though not necessarily pro-South friends, family and co-workers. Discounts are shown on the back and at
  • Each book shipped by Victory Flags and Moreā„¢ will include a copy of this letter and flier and a signed Certificate of Thanks, so every reader will have an opportunity to join the campaign.
  • Inspire the members of your club or organization to order several cases and sell the books as a fundraiser. Please call us at 844-772-4621 for special case-lot pricing.

Never before has such an undertaking been launched on behalf of our Confederate Heritage, but never before have our heritage and principles been under such a determined assault by the Communists and their fellow travelers. Please put forth a strong effort on behalf of the campaign and pray for its success.

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