Southern Defender National Ed. 2, 100-pack


Created for the SCV’s Southern Victory Campaign.
See features listed below or download the PDF.
Never out of date… until the campaign is won!
Printed on high quality paper as a 4-page booklet.
Each page is 8.5 x 11 inches.

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  • $39.00 for a full color pack of 100.
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  • The Southern Defender is sold in packs of 100. A cart quantity of 1 =100 copies, 2 =200, 3 =300, etc.
  • No returns except for production errors.
Bulk Discounts: 2-4 packs = 10% off; 5-9 packs = 13% ofpacks = 35f; 10-15 packs = 15%; 15-19 packs = 18%; 20-29 packs = 20%; 30-39 packs = 25%; 40-49 packs = 30%; 50-69 %; 70+ packs = 40%.


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National Edition #2 Contents Include:

  • Nathan Bedford Forest, American Hero by Walter H. Trisler.
    • Gen. Forrest becomes a hero to black and white Americans.
    • The neo-Marxist religion turns people against the hero.
    • Memphis officials force the removal of the General’s grave.
    • S.C.V. HQ will be Bedford and his wife’s new resting place.
    • Photographs of the General’s monument in 1906.
  • Mary Ann Forrest by Dr. Samuel W. Mitcham.
    • Bedford and Mary Ann meet, marry and persevere.
    • General Forrest becomes a Christian.
  • The Fort Pillow “Massacre” by Dr. Samuel W. Mitcham.
    • Yankees and ex-slaves terrorize the community.
    • Forrest promises to end the Yankee atrocities.
    • Yankees get drunk, issue insults and reap what they sewed.
    • Yankee propaganda smears the General’s reputation.

Standard Features:

  • Designed to be permanently relevant and never out of date.
  • Created for the Southern Victory Campaign of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
  • Many articles are condensed from Confederate Veteran magazine.
  • Steep volume discounts make newspaper insertion and mass distribution affordable.
  • Easily mailed with a cover letter and standard postage.
  • Perfect for mass distribution at festivals and events and by door-to-door canvassing.
  • Easy to hand out to everyone you meet as you pursue your daily activities.

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Join the offensive to restore the principles that made America great in 1776 and made Dixie great in 1860.

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