The Constitution and Declaration of Independence


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The Constitution of the United States (with bonus – The Declaration of Independence). This document can change your life.

For Americans, the most important documents in order are:

  • The Holy Bible
  • The United States Constititution
  • The Constitution of each Sovereign State


The Bible establishes right and wrong and illuminates our God-given rights and responsibilities. It also demonstrates that no man or group of men can be trusted with unlimited powers to “lead” and legislate. Thus, when America’s Bible centered Founders wrote the Constitution, they strictly and severely limited the power of the federal government to only a few areas, leaving the bulk of the power with each sovereign state or with no government at all, but with the Family and with the individual.

This framework maximized freedom and made way for morality to leaven all of society with goodness. But ignorance of the Constitution is rampant today so it’s no wonder that politicians and their cronies have gotten away with stealing our freedoms and squashing mortality, first at the federal level and now even at the state level.


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