The Jefferson Bible


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In 1804 Thomas Jefferson decided to study the gospels to see if he could distill, the essence of Jesus’ teachings into a concise book that could be quickly read and easily understood.

This volume is the result, offering valuable insights into the teachings of Jesus Christ and into the mind and beliefs of Thomas Jefferson.

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Religious views of Thomas Jefferson

Ch. 1 Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem

Ch. 2 He is circumcised and Named and they Return to Nazareth

Ch. 3 At Twelve Years of Age He Accompanies his Parents to Jerusalem and Returns

Ch. 4 John Baptizes in Jordan

Ch. 5 Jesus is Baptized at 30 years of age

Ch. 6 Drives the Traders out of the temple

Ch. 7 He baptizes but retires into Galilee on the death of John

Ch. 8 He teaches in the Synagogue

Ch. 9 Explains the Sabbath

Ch. 10 Call of his disciplies

Ch. 11 The Sermon on the Mount

Ch. 12 Exhorts

Ch. 13 A Woman Annointeth Him

Ch. 14 Precepts

Ch. 15 Parable of the Rich Man

Ch. 16 Precepts

Ch. 17 Parables of the Fig Tree

Ch. 18 Precepts

Ch. 19 Parable of the Sower

Ch. 20 Precepts

Ch. 21 Parable of the Tares

Ch. 22 Precepts

Ch. 23 Parable of New Wine in Old Bottles

Ch. 24 A Prophet Hath no Honor in his Own Country

Ch. 25 Mission Instructions, Return of Apostles

Ch. 26 Precepts

Ch. 27 Parable of the Wicked Servant

Ch. 28 Mission of the Seventy

Ch. 29 The Feast of the Tabneracles

Ch. 30 The Woman Taken in Adultery

Ch. 31 To be Born Blind No Proof of Sin

Ch. 32 The Good Sherpard

Ch. 33 Love God and Thy Neighbour; Parable of the Samaritan

Ch. 34 Form of Prayer

Ch. 35 The Sabbath

Ch. 36 The Bidden to a Feast

Ch. 37 Precepts

Ch. 38 Parables of the Lost Sheep and Prodigal Son

Ch. 39 Parable of the Unjust Steward

Ch. 40 Parable of Lazarus

Ch. 41 Precepts to be Always Ready

Ch. 42 Parables of the Widow and Judge, The Pharisee and Publican

Ch. 43 Precepts

Ch. 44 Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard

Ch. 45 Zaccheaeus and the Parable of the Talents

Ch. 46 Goes to Jerusalem and Bethany

Ch. 47 The Traders Cast Out from the Temple

Ch. 48 Parable of the Two Sons

Ch. 49 Parable of the Vineyard and Husbandmen

Ch. 50 Parable of the King and the Wedding

Ch. 51 Tribute, Marriage, Ressurection

Ch. 52 The Two Commandments

Ch. 53 Precepts, Pride, Hypocrisy, Swearing

Ch. 54 The Widow’s Mite

Ch. 55 Jerusalem and the day of Judgment

Ch. 56 The Faithful and Wise Servant

Ch. 57 Parable of the Ten Virgins

Ch. 58 Parable of the Talents

Ch. 59 The Day of Judgment

Ch. 60 A Woman Antoineth Him

Ch. 61 Judas Undertakes to Point Out Jesus

Ch. 62 Precepts to His Disciples, Washes their feet, trouble of mind and prayer

Ch. 63 Judas conducts the officers to Jesus

Ch. 64 He is arrested and carried before Caiaphas, the High Priest and is Condemned

Ch. 65 Is then carried to Pilot

Ch. 66 Who Sends Him to Herod

Ch. 67 Receives Him back, scourges and delivers Him to execution

Ch. 68 His Crucifixion, Death, and Burial

Ch. 69 His Burial


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