The Real Lincoln


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In The Real Lincoln, author Thomas J. DiLorenzo uncovers a side of our sixteenth president not told in history books and overshadowed by the immense Lincoln legend. And as DiLorenzo reveals, the myths surrounding Lincoln obscure the true origins of the Civil War.

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Foreward by Walter E. Williams

Ch. 1. Introduction

Ch. 2. Lincoln’s Opposition to Racial Equality

Ch. 3. Why Not Peaceful Emancipation?

Ch. 4. Lincoln’s Real Agenda

Ch. 5. The Myth of Secession as “Treason”

Ch. 6. Was Lincoln a Dictator?

Ch. 7. Waging War on Civilians

Ch. 8. Reconstructing America: Lincoln’s Political Legacy

Ch. 9. The Great Centralizer: Lincoln’s Political Legacy

Ch. 10. The Costs of Lincoln’s War

Ch. 11. Afterword: Responses to the Critics of the First Edition


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