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The Retribution Conspiracy by Dr. Samuel W. Mitcham is historical fiction at its finest!  We’re receiving excellent comments from readers, with some saying the book is the best historical fiction novel they’ve ever read.

The book mixes the history of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination with the mystery of the Confederate Secret Service, one of finest espionage units in the history of the world.   To the compelling storyline, the author mixes romance, heroes and heroines in a style that makes the book far more interesting than Face Book or surfing the Internet for entertainment.

As with most historical novels, some of the characters actually existed, while others did not. Most of those who live in this book were real people, and the author tires to portray them accurately.

People continue to ask, “How deeply was the Confederate Secret Service involved in the plot to kill Abraham Lincoln?”  The facts the author uncovered in researching this question raise more questions than they answer, but in The Retribution Conspiracy, all of the questions are covered and presented for your consideration.  It all ends in a thrilling way, leaving you to draw your own conclusions.

The Retribution Conspiracy will be a prize book on your shelf, along with the other excellent books by author Mitcham.  It also makes a great gift for family and friends.

Other books by Dr. Mitcham include, Bust Hell Wide Open (destined to be a classic on Nathan Bedford Forrest), It Wasn’t About Slavery (creating plenty of vexation for the Marxists who disagree), and dozens of others.  Dr. Mitcham lives in Monroe, La.  To contact the author about a speaking engagement, send an e-mail to or phone Victory Flags and More.

Watch the Retribution video.  It’s an excellent history lesson and book review.  Share it with friends.

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