The South Was Right


  • Join the “March to a Million” Campaign
  • New 3rd edition published in 2021
  • Now covers today’s Marxist revolution
  • Now nearly 500 pages; national best-seller
  • Extensive end notes, bibliography, and index
  • 12-item addenda includes the C.S.A. Constitution
  • See Contents near the bottom of this page
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Imagine Dixie, and even the rest of America, after 1,000,000 new people read THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT!

Join the campaign to place 1,000,000 copies of this extensively updated 3rd edition of the national best-seller in the hands of readers by the end of 2025.  We need your help!  With God’s help, we can do it!

We’re offering volume discounts so you can give books to family, friends, and co-workers.  Call us for special case-lot pricing so your club can sell The South Was Right! as a fundraiser.

Every book we ship includes an autographed certificate thanking the reader for participating in this “March to a Million” campaign.  A campaign description and flier featuring promotional items such as t-shirts, bumper stickers, and window decals is also included.

If you already know that the South was right, you know how important it is to spread the message to a million new converts. This is our time to march.  Let’s do it!

Order 14 or more and receive a 15% discount.

Watch Part 1 of The South Was Right, 3rd Edition.

Watch Part 2 of The South Was Right, 3rd Edition.

Ch.   1. When Rebel Was Cool
Ch.   2. The Yankee Myth of History
Ch.   3. Slavery: The Yankee Flesh Merchants
Ch.   4. Mississippi's Secession Ordinance & Slavery
Ch.   5. Race Relations in the Old South
Ch.   6. Jim Crow - Child Of Yankeedom
Ch.   7. Yankee Atrocities
Ch.   8. A Moral Right to Be Free
Ch.   9. A Legal Right to Be Free
Ch. 10. Only Empires Are Invisible
Ch. 11. Session - Answering The Critics
Ch. 12. Treason - America's real Traitors
Ch. 13. State's Rights And Constitutional Liberty
Ch. 14. Nullification & Session - The Only Way To Enforce The Constitution
Ch. 15. Unreconstructed Southerners - 21st Century
Ch. 16. Equality of Opportunity
Ch. 17. The Yankee Campaign Of Cultural Genocide 1861-2020
Ch. 18. The Bargain Is Broken - It's A New Game; Nothing Is Off the Table

Addendum     I. Jefferson Davis' Farewell Address To The U.S. Senate
Addendum    II. The Inaugural Addresses Of Lincoln and Davis
Addendum   III. Law Against Slave Trade Upheld - A Veto Message
Addendum   IV. A Summary Of The C.S.A. Constitution
Addendum    V. Plunder Of Eleven States
Addendum   VI. New Jersey Rescinds Its Ratification Of The Fourteenth Amendment
Addendum  VII. The Worst Scandal In Our History
Addendum VIII. Was The Fourteenth Amendment Constitutionally Adopted?
Addendum   IX. I Am Condemned To Be Shot
Addendum    X. A former Slave's Letter Home
Addendum   XI. Yankee Empire - Where Truth No Longer Matters
Addendum  XII. White Privilege Or Yankee Privilege?

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