Confederate 3rd National Flag


3 x 5 Basic durability from polyester fabric.  Header, metal grommets and fly-end reinforcement.  Beautiful, precise printing.  Flies well even in mild winds; designed for low-wind locations.  See “How to Choose the Right Flag” for details.  Imported.

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How to Choose the Right Flag:

Sooner or later sun, wind and rain will destroy any flag.  Sustained winds and high winds, especially when a flag is wet with rain, are the most destructive elements working against the life of any flag.  As you read the descriptions below, think about your flying conditions and willingness to lower your flag when bad weather threatens.


  • Bold and beautiful fade-resistant colors.  Polyester fabric.
  • Header and metal grommets.
  • 4-row stitching reinforcement on the fly-end edge to reduce wind damage.
  • Flies well, even in mild winds.  Dries quickly.
  • Designed for low-wind locations.
  • Basic durability.  Imported.

Click here to read the history of the Southern Colonel flag and why we include it in our Liberty Flag Series.

We continually search for the best flags at the lowest prices because we are Christian people who want you to be proud of your purchase and happy with us.  Within each quality level, our flags are as good or better than those offered by any flag retailer.  Our prices are low, and bulk discounts are available.

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