Tornado in a Junkyard


The Relentless Myth of Darwinsm

  • 321 Pages
  • By James Perloff
  • Extensive Notes
  • Picture Index


Witty and easy to read, James Perloff”s “Tornado in a Junkyard” gives a broad overview of the many flaws in the theory of evolution.

Tornado in a Junkyard is a unique presentation of the scientific case against Darwinism, informally written for laymen. If you are looking for a user-friendly explanation of the facts supporting creation, this is the book for you. – Dr. Emmett L. Williams President, Creation Research Society

Table of Contents

  1. Baby Boomer Tunes Out, Turns On, Bums Out, Burns Out
  2. Problems Carved in Stone
  3. Marvelous Mutations
  4. Logic Storms Darwin’s Gates
  5. Origin of the Specious
  6. Darwin vs Design
  7. Vegas Odds on Life
  8. An Ape-man for All Seasons
  9. The Reigning World Chimp
  10. Old Myths Never Die – They Only Fade Away
  11. The Big Bang Goes Blooey
  12. Earth, Dahling, You Don’t Look a  Day Over Five Billion
  13. Assumptions Aplenty
  14. Rock of Ages
  15. The Flood Remembered
  16. Dinosaurs, Dragons and Ice
  17. Trial by Hollywood
  18. Have You Murdered Anybody Since Breakfast?
  19. The Boomers Doomed
  20. Good Company
  21. You and the Man Upstairs

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