Why Not Freedom!


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WHY NOT FREEDOM? – The authors, fervent advocates of individual freedom, point out that many current laws are oppressive. In spite of the separation of powers established by the Constitution, many of our current laws are written by bureaucrats, administered by them, and finally judged by them-yet they are in opposition to those freedoms set forth by the Constitution.

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Contents Summary
Section I.   The Parties To The Conflict
Chapters 1 - 4
Section II.  The Problems Facing Middle-Class America
Chapters 5 - 24
Section III. The Prescription For The Cure
Chapters 25 - 28
Section IV. Addenda

The book details the historical development of the federal government. It describes how the American middle class has been abandoned by those who control the federal government. Career insiders, since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt, have used their influence and power to promote their love of big, tax-and-spend, centralized government and a radical social ideology, while providing high paying taxpayer-funded jobs for themselves. Further chapters outline the loss of inalienable rights in so many areas of life.
Twenty-four examples of constitutional usurpation are thoroughly explored. Finally, techniques are suggested whereby citizens can organize to restore the freedoms originally guaranteed by the Constitution.

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