Wives of the Signers


  • 283 Pages
  • Foreword by David Barton


“Wives of the Signers” takes you through the lives of these fiercely courageous women who, alongside their husbands, experiences trials and triumphs of the struggle for independence and the challenge of building a new nation. Originally published as The Pioneer Mothers of America, in 1912, this book has inspired many over over the last century.

Among these Heroines:

Abigail Smith Adams – was one of the most influential women of her time. She was the wife of the second president and mother to the sixth president.

Annis Boudinot Stockton – wife of Richard Stockton, was known for her patriotic spirit. Her husband was taken prisoner and devastation came to their estate as it was looted and burned.

Deborah Scudder Hart – mother of thirteen, suffered from sever sickness as her husband was hunted by the British. Even thought her home was destroyed and her husband ran for his life, she breathed her last breath ever believing that right would prevail.

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