Yankee Empire


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General Lee predicted Yankee victory would turn the U.S.A. into an empire which was “aggressive abroad and despotic at home.” In 1870 General Lee declared, “If I had known what those people intended to do with their victory there would have been no surrender at Appomattox.” Scroll below to read more…

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1: Southerners are Not Yankees
Ch. 2: Modern Day Examples of Worldwide Yankee Empire in Action
Ch. 3: Hawaii the Yankee Empire's First International Conquest
Ch. 4: From American Republic to Yankee Empire
Ch. 5: Republics Avoid Foreign Interventions
Ch. 6: An Evil Empire's First Invasion
Ch. 7: Southern Efforts to End Slavery
Ch. 8: Constitutional Republic or Commercial Empire
Ch. 9: U.S. Army Invades the Confederate States of America
Ch.10: Yankee Empire Plunders a Conquered South
Ch.11: Occupation of a Once Free People
Ch.12: Cultural Genocide-the Destruction of a Proud Heritage
Ch.13: Globalism-Yankee International Crony Capitalism
Ch.14: Do Slave-owners or Their Descendants Deserve Freedom?
Ch.15: The Will to be Free?
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President Davis noted, "The lust of empire impelled them (Yankees) to wage against their weaker neighbors (the South) a war of subjugation.


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