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Important Note About The Subjects Below

You may request a speech or training workshop based on a broad category, such as The Colonial Experience: 1600 – 1774, or you can select any specific topic listed beneath a category.  Either way, a public speaker is free to create a brand new speech or training workshop, or he can use an existing speech from our archive.   of course, you can make specific requests when you complete the Event Support Request Form & when you talk to our booking agent.  Just start the process by selecting a topic & submitting the paperwork!

The categories are listed alphabetically, so look through the whole list once, then make a selection.  Come back as often as you like.

This page is still being developed, but all subjects shown below are available now.

Africa & the Middle East

South Africa

  • Genocide & Communism Threaten South Africa – “With support & aid from the West, S.A. is in a death spiral, as its elected communist leaders incite genocide & uprisings to bring about total control.”  Alex Newman, The New American, 11-5-2012

America — United States & Confederate States

Colonial Beginnings & Experiences: 1600 to 1750
  • Forgotten Influences on the Founders: The Founding Fathers’ success in designing a republic with safeguards to prevent the loss of liberty to federal despotism was the result of others’ wisdom.  Joe Wolverton, The New American, 1-4-2010
  • Jamestown, Va.– Refuting Jamestown Revisionism:
  • Pilgrims– Faith in the Face of Skepticism: The Pilgrims, the Indians, and the truth about the first Thanksgiving.  Joe Wolverton, The New American, 11-23-2009
People & Principles That Built America: 1751 – 1825
  • Hale, Nathan– Son of Liberty: He believed that liberty if worth any price.  And, he paid the highest price when he gave his life to the cause of Independence when the colonies seceded from Great Britain.  Becky Akers, The New American, 9-15-2008
  • Henry, Patrick –  “If This Be Treason…”: When it looked as if America’s response to inappropriate taxation would be meekly accepted, Henry led a campaign against it, stirring colonists against the King.  Joe Wolverton, The New American, 10-11-2010
  • Kosciusko, Tadeusz– Premier Polish Patriot: Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a member of Poland’s nobility, used his engineering genius on behalf of both America’s & Poland’s independence.  Charles Scaliger, The New American, 10-12-2009
  • Madison, James – Magisterial Madison: Kevin Gutzman’s book, James Madison & the Making of America, elegantly captures how important James Madison was in the making of America.  Joe Wolverton, The New American, 4-23-2012
  • Militia In History & Today: America’s Founders saw the militia as guardian of states’ rights & liberty.  Today, this role is fulfilled not by the U.S. military or National Guard, but by the armed forces of each state.  John Eidsmoe, The New American, 3-16-2009
  • Morgan, Daniel– “The Old Wagoner”: This rugged frontiersman earned his nickname wile working as a teamster & he helped turn the tide in America’s War for Independence.  Charles Scaliger, The New American, 8-6-2007
  • Patriots– The Black Regiment: Colonial America’s quest for freedom was nurtured by the patriot-preachers who collectively became known as the “Black Regiment,” a force sadly lacking today.  Chuck Baldwin, The New American, 9-14-2009
  • Patriots– Ordinary People, Extraordinary Sacrifices: The colonies would have failed to gain independence from Great Britain if not for the tremendous sacrifice of everyday people.  Becky Akers, The New American, 7-6-2009
  • Republics & Democracies: Principles of freedom and quotes from America’s Founders about the vast difference between a republican form of government (such as America’s) and a democracy.  Robert Welch, The New American, 6-30-1986
  • Riflemen of America in the Revolutionary War: From boyhood, frontiersmen were trained in the use of firearms & they repeatedly interfered with Indian attacks & aided the cause of independence. Roger D. McGrath, The New American, 9-13-2010
  • Preserving the Past for the Present: Scott Bradley’s book (also in CD, DVD, & MP3) covers the principles of liberty for those who don’t know them, making clear America’s heritage & what we are losing.  Charles Scaliger, The New American, 9-13-2010
  • Stark, Gen. John– The Man, the Motto & the Coverup: “Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils,” should come to readily to mind because of his accomplishments & his very American motto.  Jack Kenny, The New American, 7-4-2011
  • Witherspoon, John: Framer of the Framers: He was not only a Founding Father, but in his roles as preacher & professor he taught & influenced many great men of the Founding Era.  John Eidsmoe, The New American, 1-19-2009
Disharmony & the South’s War for Independence: 1826 – 1877
Growth & Prosperity Ends in Despair: 1878 – 1929
Rise of the Evil “isms” & the Seeds of Disaster: 1930 – 1959
The Age of Revolution & The Rise of Resistance: 1960 – 1989
The Age of Opportunists & Leftists: 1990 – Present
  • Columbus, Christopher – The Libeling of Christopher Columbus Continues: The libels are compared to the truth.  Staff, The New American, 11-9-2015
  • Columbus, Christopher – Columbus Day Being Replaces with “Indidenous Peoples Day”: Leftist-controlled cities reject Christopher Columbus.  Staff, The New American, 11-9-2015
  • Heritage– Keeping Faith with America: Transcript of the popular video about the foundations & principles that made America great, the forces seeking its destruction, & what we need to do about it.  John McManus, John Birch Society, 1976
  • Militia In History & Today: America’s Founders saw the militia as guardian of states’ rights & liberty.  Today, this role is fulfilled not by the U.S. military or National Guard, but by the armed forces of each state.  John Eidsmoe, The New American, 3-16-2009

Australia & the Pacific Islands

Central & South American History & Principles

China & the Far East (Includes India, Indonesia, Korea & Vietnam)

Christianity & Anti-Christianity

Europe (Includes the Balkans, Russia & Turkey)

Heroes & Anti-Heroes of History

Training Workshops for Pro-Liberty Organizations

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